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BULLETIN F8REF - 2007 week 33

Non-profit-making National union grouping the radio hams, founded in
Recognized association of public utility per decree of the 29.11.1952.
French section of the International Union of Radio hams (I.A.R.U.)
Registered office: 32 Street of Sweden, 37100 TURNS
Postal address: LP 77429 37074 TURNS CEDEX 2
Web site: e-mail:

Infos traffic of Clipperton DX Club by Flo F5CWU
EA8, the Canaries - ON6ZK will be in/EA8 from the 15 to August 22.
FG, Guadeloupe - F1JXQ is FG/F1JXQ until August 20.
VP8, Falkland - VP8ON will be active with code VP8LGT from the Cape
(SA-002 FAL-001)
VP9, Bermuda - OH1VR will be VP9/OJ0VR mainly out of CW.
A6, United Arab Emirates - N1DG is A61AD until August 18.
EA6, Balearic Islands - EA8TL is in/EA6 until August 24.
IS0, Sardinia - IZ1DSH and IK1WEG are in/IS0 until August 20.
Activation of the iota (EU165 and EU041)
OJ0, Market Reef - a team will be OJ0MI from the 16 to August 20.
OX, Greenland - HB9MD will be in/OX from the 17 to August 27. Activity
since Ilulissat.
SV9, Peak - ON7SS is SV9/OO9O/P until August 17.
Ghis ON5NT will be in/SV9 from the 16 to August 23.

Networks F9TM/FAV22
The networks will be suspended for the estival period. Recovery
Thursday September 6.
For this period emissions FAV 22 will be normally assured 2 times per
day except saturdays according to the usual program.

Call to candidature
CA of the REF-UNION seeks an interested SWL to deal with heading SWL in
RADIO ref. and to be the connection element with our ear-phones in
order to better integrate them in the landscape radio ham.
For more infos to address itself to F5LGF:

19/08/2007 04:00 - 11:00 Trophy F8TD of 1296MHz with 47GHz
F5LEN, Pascal GRANDJEAN 168, street of the garden of the snap rings

Services of the Turn Ref.-Union
Our seat of Turns has taken again its normal activity for this Monday
August 12.

Living room HAMEXPO 2007
“RADIO HAMS AND SPACE” topic of our 29th edition.

HAMEXPO, it are 4000m ² where as the last years you will find:
- Many exhibitors ready to be useful to you and auprès of which you
will discover the last cry of technology.
- A secondhand trade where as always the good bargains are of setting.
- Associate members auprès of which it is always good to discuss the
fields which impassion you
- Play activities suggested by the whole of the participants.
Tariff entered: 8 euros, for YL and QRP of less 12ans: free.
Tariffs secondhand trade: Saturday 40 euros, Sunday 20 euros, the
weekend: 45 euros.
Schedules of opening: - Saturday 15/09 from 9 to 7 p.m., - Sunday 16/09
from 9 to 4 p.m.

The world cup of Rugby proceeds this year in France.
The Ref.-Union agreed to promote our activity within the framework of
this sporting event. After having received several projects of
activation for this world cup, the Ref.-Union indicated F5UDW to
coordinate this activity. Jean-Claude F5UDW chose the project of the
ARALA (Association of the Radio hams of Loire-Atlantique), Rene F5APM
being the person in charge for this project.
The Ref.-Union, in partnership with the ARALA is pleased thus to
present to you the DIPLOMA OF the WORLD CUP OF RUGBY
A special code will be activated in each city where the matches will
Calendar of activations:
TM0RWC: 7 and 8/09, 13 and 14/09, 20 and 21/09, 6 and 7/10, 12, 13 and
14/10, 18, 19 and 20/10
TM1RWC: 8,9 and 10/09, 18,19 and 20/09, 27/09 to the 01/10, 18, 19 and
TM2RWC: 8,9 and 10/09, 14,15 and 16/09, of the 24/09 to the 01/10
TM3RWC: 7,8 and 10/09, of the 17 to the 27/09
TM4RWC: from the 7 to the 20/09
TM5RWC: 7 and 8/09, 11 and 12/09, 21 and 22/09, of the 30/09 to the
02/10, of the 05 to the 09/10
TM6RWC: from the 11 to the 17/09, the 21 to the 24/09, the 30/09 to the
TM7RWC: from the 08 to the 11/09, the 20 to the 29/09
TM8RWC: from the 08 to the 12/09, the 25/09 to the 03/10
TM9RWC: from the 11 to the 17/09, the 23 to the 29/09
The dates of activation published in Radio-ref. of July are not valid
any more.

Conditions of obtaining the diploma:
Diploma CMR Gold: all TMxWRC.
Diploma CMR Money: 8 TMxWRC for the stations of Europe and 5 for the
Diplôme CMR Bronzes: 5 TMxWRC for the stations of Europe and 3 for the
Diploma CMR VHF: 3 TMxWRC
The diploma-manager is Jean-Claude F5IL.
To require the diplomas, the QSL are not necessary. An extract of the
notebook of traffic is required.
The requests will have to arrive at the Manager diploma before end on
31 December 2008 and to mention the name and first name of the
applicant, his call sign and the address where he wants to receive the
It is a non-profit-making diploma.
Thanks for joining 7 euros (or US 10$ or 10 IRC) to cover the expenses
of impression and forwarding.
Ask diploma only by mail addressed to:
Ref.-union Service diplomas LP 77429 37074 TURNS CEDEX 2
For more information on the DCMR to consult:
* The site of the Ref.-Union:
* The site of the ARALA:
73 of F5APM and F5UDW

Department 50
Forwarding on the island of TOMBELAINE from the 24 to 26 indicative
August F5KAQ/P
A dream goes can be to be carried out! After many research and steps
made by Benoit F8PDR, we obtained the authorization to remain a little
more 48h on the island of Tombelaine.
With the RC of Granville it thus organizes a forwarding on this island
from the 24 to August 26, 2007.
This island is located between the Mount St Michel and Genets (50).
Tombelaine is referred “HAVE 156” with the IOTA.
Activity envisaged out of CW, SB, Modes digital, normally from 3.5 to
144 MHz.
The material should be operational the 24/08 starting from 13h UTC
until the 26/08 10h UTC. This due to tide.
The code used will be F5KAQ/P (radio operator club of Granville). The
QSL manager is F5RJM. QSL via office preferably. Any received QSL will
have a QSL in return.
The conditions of stay being very rudimentary, this forwarding is
conditioned by the weather.
73 with all of the team Tombelaine 2007

Department 59
Special code TM2HRH
From the 06/08/2007 to the 19/08/2007, the members of F6KTN will
activate code TM2HRH to commemorate the 150 years of the birth of
Heinrich Rudolf HERTZ, born the 22/02/1857.
Charts QSL will be dispatched via office, TM2HRH via F6KTN.
Be numerous to contact us! Franck F4FHM and Stephan F4FHT. 73 of F1SIU

Department 95
Activities of September 2007
2 pastoral day with the activation of the castle of Théméricourt
Code used F5KES/P
QSL manager F6DEO.
8 forum of Domont associations with the REF95 and the ADRASEC-95
9 forum of associations Eaubonne REF95 ADRASEC-95, Taverny F5KES,
Vauréal F8KGL.
15 and 16 open days to the aerodrome of Persan Beaumont (95), code used
F5REF/P QSL-manager F6DEO. activities HF, VHF, UHF in BLU, CW,
numerical, ATV, APRS.
Participation of f5KES, F8KGL, ADRASEC 95, REF95.
23 hunting for the foxes of the 95 in forest of Carnelle D78, carpark
of the Turquaise stone.
Inscriptions from 8 a.m. 30 duration 120 minutes, handing-over of the
cuts and diplomas, pot of the friendship, and for most courageous
picnic on the spot to bring its basket.
For all further information: 73 of F6DEO

Space station international ISS
Until August 21 the conditions are again met to see passing the ISS.
Let us recall that it is necessary that it passes at least 1/2 hour
after laying down it sun, so that the night is sufficiently advanced,
but that it is always lit by the sun at its altitude of approximately
It is visible during ten minutes in the form of a point shining which
advances regularly then disappears in the shade from the ground.
Here some passages for August in standard times:
14/08 22h12 and 23h47 15/08 22h35, 16/08 22h57, 17/08 21h45 and 23h20,
18/08 22h08, 19/08 22h30, 20/08 22h53, 21/08 21h41
In the event of readjustment of orbit these passages could be shifted
of 10 mn.
73 of F6HCC

Users of FT-817: an index for the instructions
Having been likely to gain a FT-817, (second batch of the subscription
of the Ref.-Union: thank you, in the passing, with the organizer of
this subscription), I recently use this transmitter-receiver condensed
in a very small volume.
Having a a little failing memory and alternatively using various types
of materials, it was able to me to be irritated a little not to find in
the note of the FT-817 the information which I seek, because there is
no index in the note, neither in English, nor in French. To cure that,
I created some, and would find damage not to make some benefit from
other users.
Then if you are interested by an index for the note of use of the
FT-817, send to me a courriel to while specifying which
version (French, English or 2), you wish.
I would forward to you the files under format pdf (a: 87 KB, F: 90 KB).
Jean-Paul, F5BU

Exam session all classes with F8KFZ in the 87
Radio-club F8KFZ (87200 Saint-Brice on Vienna) organizes its exam
session all classes, Thursday 25 and Friday October 26, 2007.
Ask for your bulletin of préinscription
Any fast information near president (F1UJT) on the telephone: 06 81 23
12 76.
The bulletins must have arrived before September 15.
The session will not be able to take place if there is less than 10
Good luck! The secretary of F8KFZ: F-15873

Last diffusion on the air of these bulletins F8REF on July 28. Recovery
The diffusion by e-mail and on our Web site will not be stopped.
The only official source of this bulletin is the Ref.-Union, the
contents of any other diffusion does not engage of anything our
The address to be used, other than very other, to contact the drafting
of this bulletin F8REF is
The information contained in this bulletin is given under the single
one and whole responsibility for their signatories.
F6BIG and all the team of diffusion of bulletin F8REF address their
best 73 to you.
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BULLETIN F8REF - 2007 week 33

Non-profit-making National union grouping the radio hams, founded in 1925.

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BULLETIN F8REF - 2007 week 33

Non-profit-making National union grouping the radio hams, founded in 1925.

Avez vous la version en mandarin (du Sud exclusivement) ??

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